Who is Cody Spicer?

What I Do

I am an innovative, solutions-focused, and detail-oriented Financial Analyst highly-regarded four years progressive experience leading high-performing teams in the successful generation of revenue. My track record demonstrates continued success in creating and sustaining profitable growth, leveraging research, statistics, and forecasting to maximize outcomes. Colleagues and management know me as a motivated and influential collaborator with the keen ability to define and translate organizational needs into strategies that exceed all expectations. As an out-of-the-box thinker, I’m dedicated to utilizing financial models to drive the potential impact decisions and opportunities, leveraging final data visualization to enable consistent advancement.

My Career Highlights Include:

★ Co-founded an investment group consisting of UTSA students and finance professional alumni that provided a diverse range of skills and expertise; to exchange knowledge, ideas, and expertise in the UTSA Investment Group.

★ Served as a senior analyst and class instructor for the Investment Society at UTSA, leading the team to learn and develop a proprietary valuation financial model that was able to provide sound investment advice to rebalance the Aerospace & Defense portion of the Puerto Rican microloan fund portfolio.

Constructed a leveraged buyout deal on Old Dominion Freight Line (ODFL;) an LBO analysis determined that the company was undervalued by approximately 24.5%.

My Career Portfolio Includes:

Equity Research Report | Data Analysis Capstone | FP&A | Leveraged Buyout


The University of Texas at San Antonio, San Antonio, TX: 2018

Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance; GPA: 3.73

  • Relevant Coursework: Security Analysis, Investments, Financial Modeling, Corporate Finance, Accounting I, II, & III, International Finance, Macro & Microeconomics, Management Strategy, Management Science and Operations Technology, Cases & Problems in Finance
  • Awards/Honors: 4x Honor Roll / President's List / Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society (Member)
  • Clubs/Activities: Chair of Finance: Python for Finance & Algorithmic Trading / UTSA Investment Group / The Investment Society


Music Festivals, Fantasy Football, PC Gaming, Snowboarding, The Spurs


  • Budgeting
  • Forecasting
  • Financial Analysis
  • Financial Reporting
  • Mertrics, KPI's & Modeling
  • Data Analysis

My Experiences

Financial Analyst

  • Supplied accurate and timely financial analysis reporting, including variance, trends, forecasting, or other ad-hoc analysis, and supported executive decision-making processes.
  • Developed and maintained financial models, utilizing VLOOKUP, Index Match, Power Query, Power Pivot, pivot tables, and solver for Excel and leveraged business intelligence system (Power BI) expertise to maximize impact of final data visualization product, including dashboards, reports, insights, and analysis.
  • Performed ad-hoc projects/studies of moderate scope utilizing knowledge of finance theories such as present value and cash flow analysis.
  • Received Rising Star Award in recognition of exceptional achievement, including performing in the top 20% of company analysts in 2021.


Senior Analyst & Class Instructor

  • Chosen to lead a team of five in providing fundamental analysis on aerospace and defense securities utilizing relative value, ratio analysis, regression analysis, and determining target P/E valuations, resulting in the rebalancing of the aerospace and defense portion of the $250,000 investment portfolio.
  • Designed and maintained a proprietary Excel screening model utilizing Bloomberg data integration to calculate top- and bottom-line growth, capital returns, risk, valuations, and overall buy, sell, and hold list.
  • Co-managed an investment portfolio created to provide low-fee microloans in Puerto Rico alongside providing recommendations to purchase (RTN, ARJD, HEI/A,) hold (NOC, LMT,) and sell (GD) aerospace and defense securities for sustained, long-term growth.
  • Implemented methodologies in conducting various analyst duties, including financial modeling and analysis of projects, industry and company research, writing and preparation of presentations to client, management, and organizational members.


Python for Beginners, Class Instructor

Finance Intern

  • Conducted precedent transactions analysis, comparable company analysis (CCA), and discounted cash flow analysis (DCF).
  • Constructed a leveraged buyout deal on Old Dominion Freight Line (ODFL;) an LBO analysis determined that the company was undervalued by approximately 24.5% relative to stock price at the time of assessment.
  • Discussed how to approach the creation and management of a long-term actively managed portfolio, including investment horizon, risk tolerance, asset class selection, risk management, diversification, rebalancing, fiduciary duty, and client management.
  • Mentored in the role of a finance professional, provided industry knowledge and greater understanding of expectations of a wealth manager and financial professional, including ethical concerns and upholding strict fiduciary duty to clients according to SEC guidelines.